What Can I Expect?

What is TEC?

TEC (Together Encountering Christ) is an experience in Christian living, especially designed for young people and adults. In TEC, you will:

  • Experience a fresh, different atmosphere away from everyday life
  • Meet people from other areas
  • Reflect and share with others how you see yourself, your ideals, goals, and hopes
  • Find a God you can believe in
  • Encounter Jesus Christ Risen and Alive today

Where will it be held?

At various parishes throughout the Diocese of Madison, so that the TEC program may reach out to all interested people.

When should you arrive?

11:45 a.m. Friday (or the first day)

What time does TEC end?

4:00 p.m. Sunday evening (or the third day)

What should you bring?

Dress clothes for the Sunday Liturgy; casual clothes for most of the weekend. Bring along towels, washcloth, sleeping bag, cot or air mattress, blanket, sheets, pillow, and personal toiletries.

How much does it cost?

$65.00 for the entire weekend (or $55 if you apply 3 weeks in advance). This covers all meals and supplies.

Who can make TEC?

Catholic and other Christians who are in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12, college, trade school, and adults.

How do you get there?

You are responsible for making arrangements for your transportation with people in your area. A map will be sent to you once you register.

How many from one parish may attend?

Recommend no more than six individuals from one parish participate in a given weekend. Exceptions will
 be granted on an individual basis.