What is TEC?

Join us at the upcoming TEC retreat in Verona, WI at Saint Christopher on July 20-22, 2018! This will be held entirely in Spanish!
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TEC (Together Encountering Christ) is an intergenerational movement of the Catholic Church designed to help meet the spiritual needs of Catholic Christians (though we certainly welcome those of other Christian faiths to experience a TEC weekend). Over 50,000 young people and adults in our country have experienced TEC in the last 5 years. The TEC weekend proclaims the central message of Christianity: The Paschal Mystery – death, resurrection, and mission. On the weekend, participants not only hear about death, resurrection, and mission in Christ, but also experience these mysteries. TEC is a weekend experience that is scriptural, gives a well-defined outline of doctrine, presents liturgy in attractive forms, and brings the Gospel message alive through the witness of a community of adults and young people centered around Christ.

Those who are freshmen in high school and older are invited to take part in a KAIROS (pronounced “kigh-rohs”) TEC weekend. This Greek term means that now is the time of the Lord, now is the time of decision, now is the time of salvation. This name captures the uniqueness and reality of the TEC format. It has been a valuable experience for many, and we extend this invitation to you to “come and see.”

Kairos TEC Flyer

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